Twins of Evil

Orphaned twins arrive in the villlage of Karnstein to live under the care of their puritanical Uncle Gustav

He is leader of The Brotherhood, a religious sect who search out the followers of witchcraft and burn them at the stake. Meanwhile, in the once grand castle that overlooks the village, the devil worshipping Count Karnstein is attempting to summon the spirit of his vampiric ancestor. One of the twins is lured by the thought of the decadance within the castle and risks the wrath of her uncle by sneaking away to find out what goes on there.

Story background: 1971. Written by Tudar Gates, directed by John Hough. Notable for: The film starred Mary and Madeleine Collinson - the first twins to appear in a Playboy centrefold (1970)

Illustration: 2005 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 45cm x 32cm

Genre - film - Twins of Evil 1

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