Quatermass & the Pit

Whilst extending the London Underground, workmen unearth prehistoric skeletons that may be part of an evolutionary missing link

Work is halted as an archeological team led by Doctor Roney descend on the site to investigate. However, their own dig is stopped in its tracks when what appears to be a war time unexploded bomb is unearthed.

A military expert is called in - Colonel Breen - and with him Professor Bernard Quatermass. An uneasy alliance between scientists and the military is forged as the massive ‘missile’ is exposed by engineers. But when it is, it becomes clear that this is no earthly weapon. Whilst the government and the military look for rational explanations, Roney and Quatermass begin their own investigations that lead them to believe that ancient stories of ghosts and demons might have some credibility.

Does mankind owe its condition to the intervention of creatures from another world?

Background info: 1967. A Hammer film starring Andrew Keir, James Donald, Barbara Shelley, Julian Glover, Edwin Richfield, Peter Copley, Bryan Marshall and Duncan Lamont. Screenplay written by Nigel Kneale - adaped from his own teleplay. Directed by Roy Ward Baker.

Illustration: 2012 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 23cm x 32cm

Five Million Miles to Earth

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