Ooh.. you are awful

Charlie Tully is a very successful swindler, until a minor offence puts him in jail for six months

Trusting his partner Reggie to stash the half million from their previous successful con in a Swiss bank, Charlie is horrified to learn on his release that the Mafia and London gangland are after them.

When Reggie is bumped off it looks like Charlie’s lost the loot forever, until he discovers that Reggie kept a record of the bank numbers; they are tattooed on the derrieres of four young women. All Charlie’s got to do now is get a peek.

Background info: 1973. Starring Dick Emery, Derren Nesbitt, Ronald Fraser, Pat Coombs and William Franklyn. Directed by Cliff Owen. Screenplay by John Warren and John Singer.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Paint Shop. 24cm x 33cm

Film - Dick Emery- Ohh.. you are awful

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