El Dia de la Bestia

(The Day of the Beast)

A Basque Roman Catholic priest is committed to carrying out numerous sins in the hope that he can sell his soul. His intention is to be present at the birth of the antichist so that he can kill it before it destroys the world. The priest teams up with a death metal salesman and together they kidnap the host of a TV occult show. The three eventually work together to attempt to summon the devil.

Background Info: 1995. El Dia de la Bestia is a cult Spanish black comedy/horror/action film directed by Alex de la Iglesia.

Illustration: 2014 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Photoshop. 29cm x 42cm

Limited edition 28 page mediabook, with extensive special features and HD bluray/DVD available from Anolis Entertainment - link in clients section.


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