The Curse of Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein builds a body out of corpses and brings it to life

He decides his creature needs a mind worthy of his efforts, so he murders a professor and transplants the brain. Unfortunately, the creature does not have the professor’s intelligence and is both violent and psychotic. The creature is locked up but escapes, is shot by Victor’s collaborator Paul Krempe and buried in the woods.

The engaged Victor has made his housemaid Justine pregnant but when he refuses to marry her she threatens to tell the authorities about his unlawful experiments. He revives the creature and locks her in a room with it.

The creature escapes again and Victor destroys it. He is imprisoned for the death of Justine and as there is no proof the creature existed Frankenstein is led away to the guillotine...

Background info: 1957. Directed by Terence Fisher. Screenplay by Jimmy Sangster. Notable for: The first of Hammers Gothic Horror films; The Curse of Frankenstein cemented the studios success and began one of the great film partnerships - Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.
Illustration: 2005 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 38cm x 26cm

Film and Television - Hammer 1 - The Curse of Frankenstein

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