Castle Dracula

In the foothills of the Carpathian mountains lies the home of the late Count Dracula

Four travellers from Britain are stranded in the forest after their coachman refuses to take them further. It appears their only option is to take refuge in an abandoned woodman’s hut, until a riderless coach suddenly makes a dramatic appearance. Despite their best efforts to control the horses the coach carries them not on the route out of the forest but to the imposing edifice of a nearby castle.

There the travellers meet Klove, house servant to the late Count Dracula. Welcomed with a meal and comfortable rooms in which to spend the night, only one of their party fears there might be something untoward in the hospitality. Late that night, after they have all retired to bed, Klove starts to put his terriblle plans for his master’s resurrection into effect.

Background info: From the Hammer film ‘Dracula - Prince of Darkness’ 1966. Starring Christopher Lee, Philip Latham, Charles Tingwell, Francis Matthews, Barbara Shelley Susan Farmer, Andrew Keir and Thorley Walters.

Illustration: Daryl Joyce 2013. Gouache. 28cm x 52cm

Dracula Prince of Darkness

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