Alien - waiting

Aboard the refinary vessel Nostromo, the crew are in a state of shock after witnessing the birth of the Alien

After they have consigned Kanes body to the depths of space they return to the dining area to clean up and discuss what to do next. Do they return to hypersleep and drain the ship of air? Or do they hunt down the little creature in their vast and labyrinthine space ship and kill it? Remembering how the small hand-like creature had melted its way through Kane’s visor no one is reassured by the idea of laying vulnerably in hypersleep.

So engineers Parker and Brett are tasked with preparing some ‘cattle prods’ and netting to capture the creature. Science officer Ash meanwhile builds a tracking device. Splitting into two teams the crew begin the hunt.

But in the time that has passed since it’s birth the alien has shed its skin and grown. It hangs amongst the chains on the dark, dank C deck, awaiting the prey that will enable the next stage of its horrifying procreation.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Pencils, coloured in Paint Shop. 21cm x 29cm

Film - Alien - bretts demise

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