The Daemons - Race to the Dig

A televised archeological dig alerts the Doctor to events in the village of Devil’s End

He’s determined to stop Professor Horner from opening the ancient barrow which, as a publicity stunt, is planned for midnight on the occult festival of Beltane. The Doctor knows this is a dangerous idea. On the way to the barrow in Bessie a tree falls across the road and the Doctor and Jo have to abandon the little car and sprint across the fields to the site of the outside TV broadcast unit.

In the village the church bells strike midnight, and in the cavern below reverend Magister is summoning a power with the help of his coven of villagers.

Story background: 1971. Written by Barry Letts & Robert Sloman, produced by Barry Letts.

Illustration: 1996 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 42cm x 60cm

Available as a wallpaper in ‘free stuff’

Doctor Who - The Daemons 2

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