The Claws of Axos

A strange organic spacecraft crash lands on Earth

When the Doctor, UNIT and a politician called Chinn investigate they are confronted by beautiful golden humanoids. These aliens are offering friendship and a substance called Axonite which could put an end to famine across the world.

But the Doctor is suspicious. The Axons reveal themselves to be hideous tentacled monsters and friendship is the last thing on their minds. The Doctor finds that the Master has been brought back to Earth as a prisoner of the Axons and the two Time Lords begin an uneasy alliance in their efforts to defeat the invaders.

Story background: 1971. Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, produced by Barry Letts. Notable for: The TARDIS interior is seen for the first time in colour. Previously in the Pertwee era only the console appeared, detached from the rest of the TARDIS. The impressive Axon monster suit was redressed and used again as a Krynoid in The Seeds of Doom in 1976.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Gouache and Photoshop. 40cm x 23cm

Doctor Who - The Claws of Axos 1

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