The Web of Fear - Yeti in the Fog

A mist has engulfed London. Anyone who wanders into the mist is never seen alive again and their bodies, if recovered, are found to be covered in cobwebs

As the fog grows and London is cordoned off the Yeti reappear, lumbering through the misty streets. Some time later the Doctor and his companions arrive in a deserted underground station. Finding they cannot get out of the station they make their way along the tunnel. It is not long before the Doctor hears the familiar beeping that tells him the tunnels are home to the furry beasts he last encountered in Tibet.

Story background: 1968, written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln, produced by Peter Bryant. Notable for: The BBC could not get permission to film in the real London Underground and so built a very convincing set, so convincing that London Transport assumed that the serial had been film on location without authority and made a complaint to the BBC.

Illustration: 2006 Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 40cm x 20cm

Doctor Who - Web of Fear 2 - Yeti in the Fog

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