The Seeds of Death - T Minus 30 minutes

A rocket stands ready for launch after the Doctor offers to pilot it to the Moon

All communications with the Moon base have been disrupted but far worse, the technology that the world relys upon - T-Mat, for matter transmission of food stocks around the world, is out of commission. Unbeknowst to the Earth controllers the Moon base has been invaded by the Ice Warriors and they intend using it as a stepping stone to Earth conquest, utilising T-Mat to spread deadly seed pods around the globe.

Story background: 1969, written by Brian Hayles, produced by Peter Bryant. Notable for: Made at the time of the Apollo missions and not long before the first manned Moon landing, The Seeds of Death shows rocket technology as dated and considered redundant.

Illustration: 2010 Daryl Joyce. Paint Shop. 21cm x 27cm

Doctor Who - The Seeds of Death - T Minus 30 minutes

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