Dr. Who & the Demons

Speculation on a Dr Who film poster if made in 1973.

The story is based on The Daemons and follows the same structure, but in place of the heat barrier which isolates the village of Devil’s End, the Master creates a portal through which Daleks are summoned to defend the perimeter whilst he summons the Devil to destroy humanity.

Edward Woodward stars as the Doctor, pitted against Christopher Lee as The Master (his co-star in the cult classic The Wicker Man). Other actors that might have been cast and are suggested in the poster are Anoushka Hempel as the Doctor’s student/companion, and Margaret Leighton (eccentric white witch in the Amicus film From Beyond the Grave) as Miss Hawthorne.

Background info: Appeared in Doctor Who Magazine in 2002.

Illustration: Daryl Joyce. Gouache. 42cm x 29cm

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