Quatermass Martian

Concept for the Martians from the Nigel Kneale story ‘Quatermass and the Pit’

Skeletal remains that might be a missing link in evolution are discovered during building work in London. When archeologists led by Doctor Roney study the site and try to unearth more evidence their work is interrupted by the apparent discovery of an unexploded bomb imbedded deep in the clay. Military engineers clear the site whilst they work but it transpires the missile may be more ancient even than the skeletons that surround it.

Professor Bernard Quatermass and Doctor Roney investigate and find that the site has long been dogged by evil manifestations and apparent demonic possession. Colonel Breen, an experienced military man who has been placed in charge of the disarming the ‘missile’ believes it is a war time propaganda weapon designed to stir up panic. But when a sealed compartment within the capsule is forced open it heralds the beginning of a terrifying invasion, one that reveals the root of mans inhumanity to man.

Illustration: Daryl Joyce 2011. Pencil and Paint Shop. 21cm x 29cm


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